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Dust Free Tile Removal

Dust Fighters Specializes in all tile and stone removal. Our equipment is attached to HEPA filtered vacuums that meet all OSHA requirements. This allows us to capture the small airborne containments such as SILICA and the mess that comes with tile and stone removal. We have proven with success that we turn the messiest jobs in floor renovations in to the cleanest.

Dust Fighters sets the standard for dustless tile removal. Standard tile such as porcelain or ceramic can be removed as much as one thousand square feet per day. Not many companies are capable of removing large quantities of tile or stone without creating a huge mess. Why waste time and money masking off rooms just for the dust to stick to the masking? When removing the masking you place the dust back in the air leaving it in your home. We guarantee to leave your house just as clean if not cleaner than we arrived. Installers love the way we leave your floors.

Floor Prep

Our floor prep service includes flattening humps, crack repair, removing lippage, coating removal, and glue removal. Installing luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, or vinyl composition tile? We make sure that you will have a flat floor for your install, making the finished product that much better. Cracks, lippage, or humps can create issues with install or just the overall aesthetics of resilient flooring choices. We also offer removal of coatings like epoxy, paints, stains, and glues such as carpet and vinyl adhesives.


We work great with flooring contractors and general contractors. We know demo can bring the wrong impression with the mess that comes with flooring demo. The value our services offer with customer relations and productivity allows installers to get in and get out without having to deal with demo and prep. Save your customer and yourself the stress with the aftermath of flooring demo. Don’t let a bad review happen because of a mess that can be prevented.

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