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Dust Fighters is a Veteran owned and operated company that is local here in Arizona. Dust Fighters specializes in dustless tile removal services here in the valley. We take great pride in offering an affordable service that protects the client’s health and property.

Save yourself the stress and hassle with removing that old tile and stone floor. We have stepped in for countless clients that have attempted to take the job on themselves, only to find out it is not as easy at may seem. We make sure to start your flooring renovation on the right foot, saving you time and eliminating the mess that comes with flooring demolition.

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients with the cleanest flooring removal service and friendliest people. We know that taking on renovations while living within your home can be hectic and sometimes stressful or not even being able to stay within your home during the remodel. Dust Fighters makes it possible to live within your home during the process.

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